IBM Believes Practical Quantum Computing a Few Years Out

Quantum computing still a few years away, but learn it now, says IBMExcerpts and salient points ~

+  IBM predicts the tech industry will have to wait a few more years for mainstream application of quantum computers. But any organization wanting to learn about it now has many opportunities to do so, according to Abe Asfaw (pictured), global lead of quantum education at IBM Quantum, which aims to advance foundational quantum-computing research.

“You need to be familiar with any programming language,” Asfaw said. “[And then] simply having the ability to learn something new, simply being excited about this field. Once you have those two together, you can learn quantum computing very quickly within a few months.”

+  While it is very important to keep in mind that quantum computers are a fairly young technology, there have been dramatic improvements in the technology over the years, according to Asfaw. Just a few years ago, Asfaw attended graduate school and earned a Ph.D. to learn quantum computing because he needed access to a lab. But in 2016, IBM put a quantum computer on the cloud with its IBM Quantum Experience, and this dramatically changed the field, allowing anyone in the world with an internet connection to access and learn to program a quantum computer.

+  Even though there’s a ways to go with quantum computers, the progress of the technology shouldn’t be underestimated, according to Asfaw. “Improvements in the software, along with improvements in the quantum technology itself, will be how we get to success,” he said.

Source:  siliconANGLE.  Teryn O’brien,  Quantum computing still a few years away, but learn it now, says IBM…

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