Toshiba Aiming at U.S. Market With Quantum Cryptography

Toshiba planning to sell quantum cryptography

+  Japan’s Toshiba Corporation plans to start offering customers a next-generation encryption technology by March next year.

+  The aim is to commercialize so-called “quantum cryptography” in the United States.

+  Officials believe that once superfast quantum computers become a reality, their data communication could become highly vulnerable from a security standpoint.

+  They say their cryptography technology will be impossible to break. It uses light particles, called photons, to send encrypted data and a key for decryption.

+  Eavesdropping attempts would change the state of the photons, rendering the key unusable.

+  Toshiba says it plans to offer the technology as a subscription service, rather than selling any hardware.

+  The company sees the US government and financial institutions as potential customers, given the vast amount of sensitive information they handle.

+  The Toshiba officials say they could become the first Japanese firm to commercialize the technology.

+  Researchers in China, the US, and Europe are also working on the technology. Toshiba wants to enter the market well before the competition, so it can secure a leading position.

Source:  NHK WORLD-JAPAN.  NHK News,  Toshiba planning to sell quantum cryptography…

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