Report: Israel Setting Aside $350M Over 6 Years for Advanced Quantum Technology

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Israeli Govt To Allocate $350 Million For Quantum Computing

Key points…

+  Israel is entering the international quantum arms race, actively launching an initiative to accelerate research and industries in the field of quantum computing. In doing so, it joins global powers such as China, the United Kingdom, and Germany, which have budgeted hundreds of millions of dollars towards these revolutionary initiatives.

+  The budget of Israel’s national plan, which will last six years, will be approximately $350 million. Most of the funding will be based on existing budgets of The Planning & Budgeting Committee (PBC), Administration for the Development of Weapons & Technological Infrastructure, and previously allocated funds for academic institutions.

+  Each department will designate a portion of their funds towards quantum computing research. The commitments from these groups are allowing for a relatively small addition from the state budget of approximately $55 million for the entire period.

Source:  Analytics India Mag.  Prajakta Hebbar,  Israeli Govt To Allocate $350 Million For Quantum Computing…

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