Encryption as a Service (EaaS); Could this Work with Quantum-resistant Algorithms?

EaaS is an interesting offering showing more availability with the growth of the cloud. A number of vendors are out there promoting EaaS.  However, from our quick research, none mention quantum computing or quantum-resistant algorithms or anything quantum. Though this article does not mention quantum “anything”, either, if you have not heard of EaaS, consider whether any vendor you may consider is aware of the quantum computing threat to encryption.  Not something to gloss over.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit.

EaaS Strategy: New Cybersecurity Silver Bullet!

Key points…

+  A reliable business needs adequate data security to operate in full working order regardless of its size and the services they offer. This top-priority data protection includes guarding the integrity and confidentiality of data and making it available at the time of need. To this end, Encryption as a Service (EaaS) can improve the cybersecurity posture of an enterprise.

+  EaaS makes data encryption a simple, pay-as-you-go service the customer purchases from their cloud provider. This approach can offer customers who lack resources to manage encryption their own with a provision to address compliance risks and protect data. Its offerings may include full-disk encryption, database encryption, or file encryption.

+  Regardless of an enterprise own servers or work with one of the primary cloud provider, EaaS is solution agnostic. This means that irrespective of the platform that an enterprise is using to store the data, the provider will still be able to provide encryption technologies. A solution agnostic provider ensures enterprises stay properly encrypted as the business grows and the needs change.

Source:  CIO Applications.  CIO Applications,  EaaS Strategy: New Cybersecurity Silver Bullet!

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