Australia Sets Aside $2.9M for University of New South Wales Quantum Data Protection of IoT

Tech projects claim half of latest CRC funding round

Key points…

+  The second largest amount of CRC-P funding, $2.9 million, went to another UNSW project which seeks to develop quantum data protection for internet of things (IoT) devices.

Since 2016, the CRC-P program has provided industry-led collaborations with short-term funding of up to $3 million to develop new technologies, products or services with tangible commercial outcomes for the country.

+  UNSW said the project, led by industry partner Quintessence Labs, will “address the problem of how to integrate fast Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) technology to create high-speed, secure encryption on small, mobile (IoT) platforms that can withstand powerful cyber-attacks”.

+  “The project goal is to design and manufacture a QRNG device the size of a micro-chip, which is suitable for initial integration into a commercial device and generate first sales. The team expects to create technology that is lower cost and higher speed than existing miniaturised quantum random number generators,” UNSW said.

Source:  itnews.  Matt Johnston,  Tech projects claim half of latest CRC funding round…

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