Today’s Cybersecurity to Become Obsolete with Advent of Quantum Computing? Not entirely.

It will expose today’s encrypted materials. Because quantum is coming. Qubit

Why quantum computing could make today’s cybersecurity obsolete

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Encryption provides the security and privacy for our online lives – from banking and homes to business and healthcare. It protects everything from sensitive personal data to state secrets. As the 2019 Global Risk Report put it, encryption forms the “scaffolding of digital life”.

+  What is considered safe encryption today will soon be undermined by quantum computing. It has been estimated that it would take quantum power of 4,000 qubits to break today’s ”strong” encryption keys. Quantum computers are not there yet. Estimates suggest we may see this capability by 2023, and it will take longer for these machines to become reliable. However, weaker encryption algorithms will be threatened sooner, and the clock is clearly ticking on all of today’s methods.

+  [W]hat should be protected by… quantum-safe algorithms?  The European Telecommunications Standards Institute suggests the following list of critical infrastructure:

• Government and military communications

• Financial and banking transactions

• Confidentiality of medical data and healthcare records

• Storage of personal data in the cloud

• Access to confidential corporate networks


Source:  WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.  Paige H. Adams,  Why quantum computing could make today’s cybersecurity obsolete…

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