Good Cybersecurity Practices; Quantum Computing Still Looms

Cybersecurity’s weakest link is the human.  Below are two reminders to maintaining some basic cybersecurity.  The original article has more advice; worth the reminder to read.  … and for the reminder that quantum computing is a looming threat to encryption.  Because quantum is coming.  Qubit.

5 Ways To Keep Hackers From Storming Your Cloud Security in Finance

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Information security is key in nearly any industry, but it becomes crucial when it comes to finance. Sometimes security checkpoints and precautions may not be enough to save your digital privacy. That’s where experts come in to recommend the best strategic approach to fight hackers proactively. In addition to exploring emerging security technology solutions and threat modeling to pinpoint weaknesses, there are several important preventative measures people and organizations can and should take to safeguard their clouds from hackers.

Targeted hacking is focused on a specific company or organization. It’s harder to prevent than automated threats because it is difficult to pinpoint which organizations are prime targets and then to guard against an attack that is tailored to that organization and whatever specific information or asset might be targeted.

Update Your Password Frequently – Passwords are the weakest link in security because they rely on average people (not security professionals) to come up with something “strong enough,” that they can also easily remember. Password strength is a crucial element of personal information security, and not only should they be strong, they should also be changed frequently. Even if a password strength meter deems your password to be excellent, tools to crack those passwords are getting more sophisticated, and even those strong passwords are often rooted in a personal aspect of your life that could still be guessed, even if it’s unconscious.

Don’t Underestimate the Threat of the Future – What is the threat of the future? It’s encryption breaking. One of the biggest hindrances for hackers is that it takes a lot of time, but quantum computing is enabling them to drastically reduce the time it takes to break even the most advance encryptions. So how do we stop these attacks? Right now, there is still no easy answer to that million-dollar question, but there are plenty of security experts and threat modelers working to identify potential weak points and resolve them before the threat becomes real. Until then, organizations need to follow the same model—understand their security architecture and build threat models to determine where they need shoring up and continue to pursue ways to improve their security.

Source:  PaymentsJournal.  Archie Agarwal,  5 Ways To Keep Hackers From Storming Your Cloud Security in Finance…

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