Making Your Automobile Quantum-safe

SecureRF Security Library Receives ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Certification

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  SecureRF Corporation announced that it achieved ISO 26262 certification for its development methods used to deliver its advanced automotive security solutions.

SecureRF’s security library includes… Key Agreement Protocols and Digital Signature Algorithms that are quantum-resistant to all known attacks.

+  These methods, used to develop SecureRF’s quantum-resistant security tools, ensure the highest levels of quality for protecting the growing number of processors now found in today’s vehicles.

+  Hundreds of embedded processors control critical operations in today’s cars. With increasingly sophisticated functions, from passenger comfort systems and entertainment to coming autonomous features, the number of electronic control units in a car is growing, raising the need for fast, small, and resource efficient security.

Source:  SecureRF.  SecureRF,  SecureRF Security Library Receives ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Certification…

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