Underscoring “Technological Supremacy and Geopolitical Power” with Quantum Computing

Cease-fire in US-China trade war not expected to bridge differences

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  [W]hen US and Chinese negotiators sit down to work out details, the same difficult task remains: getting China to convince the United States that it will curb its aggressive push to challenge American technological dominance — and then to live up to its promises.

“But as we’ve said before, fundamentally, this dispute is about much more than trade—it’s part of a longer-term Great Decoupling that stems from a conflict over technological supremacy and geopolitical power. This is about redefining the world political and economic order, a process that will see periods of relative calm and also periods of significant turbulence.”

+  The Trump administration says China is trying to cheat its way to dominance in the cutting-edge technologies of the future such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

+  In a report last year, the Office of the United States Trade Representative accused Beijing of resorting to predatory tactics to challenge American technological supremacy.

+  Addressing another contentious issue, Trump said he will now allow US companies to sell some components to Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, which last month was put on an American blacklist as a threat to national security. Trump said that Huawei will stay on the blacklist, however, and that its future won’t be decided until the end of the trade talks.

Source:  Business Mirror Phillipines.  The Associated Press,  Cease-fire in US-China trade war not expected to bridge differences…

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