Addressing the Quantum Computing and Cryptographic Security Training Pipeline

Who Is Teaching the Next Generation of Cryptographic Hardware Experts?

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  “The big challenge on the horizon is quantum computing,” Aysu says. “The concern is that when quantum computing systems become a publicly-available reality – which many people think will be soon – then those quantum computers will be able to crack the cryptographic systems in widespread use today.”

The class addressed the full range of hardware security threats, but what set it apart was its focus on post-quantum cryptosystems – which are at the leading edge of hardware security systems.

+  To address security challenges associated with quantum computing, many researchers in the public and private sectors are working to develop post-quantum cryptosystems. But even after they are developed, it will take time to standardize and deploy such systems.

+  “This is where our course comes in,” Aysu says. “We want to be sure that students are not only familiar with emerging tools, but are comfortable implementing them efficiently and securely. They are going to have to do it, so we need to start teaching them now.”

Source:  NC STATE UNIVERSITY News.  Matt Shipman,  Who Is Teaching the Next Generation of Cryptographic Hardware Experts?…

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