Quantum Computing is Real.  How to Protect your Data…

Quantum computing is real and coming, seemingly sooner than later.   To help protect your organization’s data, a broad overview of quantum computing, its threat to encryption and  cryptography, and how to prepare your defense is wise to get going, today.  Is your organization prepared?  Qubit.

Getting Quantum Ready and What This Means for Cryptography

Excerpts and salient points ~

1. Manage your data:

+ Identify and classify your most valuable data by defining your crown jewels.

+ Understand the security time value of your data, or how long you will need to keep your data protected.

+ Define data owners and a life cycle for your data.

+ Understand how cryptography protects your most valuable data.

+ Know where all your valuable data is stored, how it flows within your organization, and how it is transmitted to locations outside of your organization.

2. Manage your crypto:

+ Create an inventory of your existing cryptography. Understand which protocols and algorithms are currently used in your organization.

+ Identify hardware and software components related to cryptography.

+ Understand how your applications use cryptography and to what degree cryptography is currently hardcoded.

+ Understand how cryptography protects your most valuable data.

+ Know how legacy components depend on cryptography.

3. Improve your crypto-agility:

+ “Abstract out” cryptography to the extent possible.

+ Update your development life cycle to rapidly account for new cryptography standards.

4. Upskill crypto and quantum resources:

+ Offer employees educational resources about cryptography and quantum computing.

+ Make use of external services that can keep your organization up to date on the latest technology trends in cryptography and quantum computing.

Source:  Security Intelligence.  Joachim Schafer, Getting Quantum Ready and What This Means for Cryptography…

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