ID Q & Mt. Pelerin Solving Quantum-Based Secure Storage for Crypto Assets

ID Quantique partners with Mt Pelerin to develop the first quantum-based solution for the secure storage of crypto assets: The Quantum Vault

ID Quantique (IDQ), the world leader in quantum-safe security solutions announced today that the company is partnering with Mt Pelerin, the Swiss leader in blockchain banking and finance, to provide quantum security for digital asset custody. The wave of blockchain-based digitalization of financial assets is gaining momentum and starting to enter the focus of traditional banks and financial organizations. However, today there is a lack of institutional-grade security solutions for digital asset custody (DAC). This is a major technological concern for institutions like banks, custodians, prime brokers or any other corporations dealing with cryptocurrencies or tokenized assets. To address this need, ID Quantique and Mt Pelerin announced today a partnership to combine their expertise. This collaboration aims at providing state-of-the-art… READ MORE