Chief Information Officers: What Quantum Computing’s Arrival Means for You.  
The ‘drama’ surrounding the media’s play for quantum computing is well, dramatic.

But take a step back and look at the reality of it. As a Chief Information Officer, you have an obligation to see past the drama and into the true issue surrounding your data’s security. 

The RSA algorithm – to name a specific, potential target of large-scale, fully-functional, quantum computers – is vulnerable to quantum computing.  Yet, it is likely entrenched in your information network’s menu of security or security-related protocols.

Time to take a serious look into the specter of quantum computing’s threat to encryption. This piece is a starter.  We’ve tagged it as “Basic 101.”  It will give you a very basic idea of what the cybersecurity world is facing when talking about quantum computing.  Now is the time. Because quantum is coming.  Qubit.

Reference is found at The Accidental Successful CIO…