First Conference for the Business of Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Sensors.  
In a few short weeks, research corporation, Inside Quantum Technology, will host a premier quantum technology event in Boston, Massachusetts.  The conference will explore the current state of the industry, as well as look to the future, addressing numerous business aspects of quantum computing to include cybersecurity and networking.  This summit is intended to show attendees where this nascent industry is headed “in terms of the creation of products, development of marketing strategies,” and influx of funding.

Session topics are slated to include:

  • Investment Perspective on Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Technology and Defense
  • Evolution of Quantum Computing Software
  • Quantum Computing & The Drug and Chemical Industry
  • Quantum Computing in Finance and Banking
  • Blockchain and Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Computing Technology Alternatives

The Qubit Report will look for output from the summit to keep readers informed.

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