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IBM debuts new quantum processor with 127 qubits

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+  IBM Corp. today debuted its newest and most sophisticated quantum processor, which features 127 qubits as well as several major architectural improvements over earlier chips.

“Eagle is based upon our heavy-hexagonal qubit layout as debuted with our Falcon processor, where qubits connect with either two or three neighbors as if sitting upon the edges and corners of tessellated hexagons,” IBM executives Jerry Chow, Oliver Dial and Jay Gambetta detailed in a blog post today. “This particular connectivity decreased the potential for errors caused by interactions between neighboring qubits — providing significant boosts in yielding functional processors.”


+  The processor, dubbed Eagle, marks a new milestone in IBM’s efforts to develop large-scale quantum computers. Eagle is the first chip from the company to feature more than 100 qubits. According to IBM, Eagle’s high qubit count also makes it the first quantum processor that’s too advanced to be simulated on a classical supercomputer.

+  Though IBM’s latest Eagle chip only made its debut today, the company is already working on future iterations of its quantum hardware. Eagle is set to be followed next year by Osprey, a processor that will have more than 400 qubits. In 2023, IBM intends to introduce an even more powerful processor expected to feature north of 1,000 qubits.

Source:  siliconANGLE.  Maria Deutscher,  IBM debuts new quantum processor with 127 qubits…

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