In April 2021, the Chicago Quantum Exchange hosted the third annual Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) Member and Partner Workshop. The two-day workshop provided opportunities to hear from CQE partners; engage in technical discussions spanning quantum communication, sensors and detectors, and quantum computing and algorithms; and for CQE trainees to discuss their work with the members and partners. It was also the first Member and Partner workshop to be all-virtual; and was attended by over 130 participants.

Eight CQE corporate partners presented at the workshop, including Zurich Instruments, Hamamatsu Photonics, TOPTICA Photonics, Protiviti,, HRL Laboratories, Ally Financial, and Toshiba. Non-profit partner P33, and regional partner the Ohio State University, also gave talks. These partners demonstrated their broad expertise in many subfields relevant to quantum information science. Toshiba shared their experience with quantum key distribution (QKD) systems, for which they have more patents than anyone in the world. Protiviti introduced their work in quantum machine learning, OSU discussed their research on emergent quantum materials, and Toptica and Hamamatsu demonstrated their considerable experience in low-noise photonics. Many presenters highlighted their organization’s history of quantum research, as well as current projects and upcoming events.

The workshop also featured three breakout sessions on the topics of quantum communication, sensing, and computing. Each session’s attendees were charged with compiling goals for the research and identifying likely obstacles to progress, to inform and inspire future quantum research. The second day of the workshop provided opportunities for CQE trainees to share their graduate and postdoctoral research with other members and partners.

Continuing the conversation about how to drive quantum engineering further, the Chicago Quantum Exchange, NSF QLCI on c, and Q-NEXT are hosting a joint Summer Workshop Series: a virtual series on different perspectives on quantum technology commercialization and career pathways. Invited participants to the Summer Workshop Series include CQE, HQAN, and Q-NEXT members, partners, and trainees.

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