Is There Something Between Today And Quantum Computing?

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+  Toshiba tested a 1 million-bit problem using its simulated bifurcation machine (SBM) implemented on a traditional 16-GPU computer, the world’s largest scale combinatorial problem yet published in scientific papers. According to the results published in Science Advances, the test found the solution in 30 minutes — a computation that would have taken 14 months using a typical computer.

Security and data problems aren’t going away. But for many of the forward-leaning corporations that are not content to wait for quantum, the Toshiba SBM will allow them to make a substantial computational leap within their current IT infrastructure.


+  Clearly, this process allows for both increased calculation speed and complexity of operation, two advantages we also see with the promise of quantum computing. And the SBM does not require low temperatures for stable operation; therefore, it doesn’t require the super-cooling infrastructure needed in current quantum settings.

+  Toshiba has made its SBM available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace and has planned a private preview on Microsoft’s Azure Quantum platform in April, giving developers access to this revolutionary approach.

Source:  Forbes.  John Prisco,  Is There Something Between Today And Quantum Computing?

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