Getting Bigger: Ireland, Quantum Computing, and Big Data

Key takeaways are the Irish presence in the quantum computing landscape, a layperson’s description of quantum computing, and how these pieces fit together to keep Ireland with a foot in the door. Good read from the source. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Quantum computing poised to transform big-data landscape

Key points…

+  Ireland does not have the resources to compete with the multinationals or the larger countries, but it does have pockets of quantum expertise, notably at TCD, UCD and the Tyndall National Institute in Cork. There is particular excellence in the relevant areas of software development, the analysis of the coherence issue with qubits, and quantum education.

“Quantum computing will allow us to solve problems that at the moment cannot be tackled because they are too complex or too large for classical computers,” Sanvito says. “We will be able to solve problems that require manipulation of enormous amounts of data.”


+  Quantum activities here are facilitated by the Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC). The centre operates Ireland’s national supercomputer, called Kay, and is involved in quantum computing because it sees it as part of high-performance computing here.

+  ICHEC is collaborating with the University of Oxford, he points out, on applying quantum computing to the hard problem of natural language processing. It is, computationally speaking, both complex and expensive for classical computers to try to understand meanings of sentences. “If you are able to improve the comparison of sentence meanings then it has potential applications in fields like machine translation or detecting the sentiment or intent in a sentence, and even, going forward, conversational AI,” Kannan explains. The quantum computing ecosystem in Ireland should benefit next year from the rollout of a national quantum learning platform, that will be coupled to the supercomputer Kay. This will be made available to academics and industry for training and testing quantum concepts.

Source:  THE IRISH TIMES.  Seán Duke,  Quantum computing poised to transform big-data landscape…

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