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Use a quantum computer to avoid traffic jams

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+  Traffic optimization systems

+  A year ago in Lisbon (Portugal) Volkswagen carried out the world’s first pilot project for traffic optimization on a quantum computer. MAN buses operated by the public transport company CARRIS were equipped with a proprietary system they had developed themselves. This system used a QC prototype and calculated the fastest individual routes for each of the participating buses almost in real time. This made it possible to track down and avoid traffic jams. Volkswagen plans to develop its traffic optimization system to market maturity in the near future. It believes that this kind of system can be offered to public transport companies, cab companies and fleet managers.

Quantum computers have been predicted to have a bright future for years. Columnist and automotive specialist Jan Wouters lists what they can do for the automotive industry.


+  Better batteries and fuel cells

+ According to McKinsey, one-tenth of all potential QC use cases being examined could benefit the automotive industry. Automotive technology is becoming one of the essential applications for QCs. BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen have stated they are committed to pursuing QC research. This includes quantum simulation for materials science, with the aim of improving the production, safety and sustainability of batteries and fuel cells.

+  Vehicle design

+  QCs will also be used by automobile manufacturers during the design of vehicles to make improvements when it comes to minimizing aerodynamic drag and improving environmental friendliness. Simulations of complex molecules can be performed. For example, to find new materials to develop better batteries.

+  What’s more, training of advanced machine learning models can be done efficiently on a QC. They can perform advanced simulations such as car accidents, as well as train algorithms that are used to improve autonomous mobility software. More intelligent navigation systems could prevent traffic jams by assigning allocated routes to millions of users (see example Volkswagen).

+  The ability of QCs to reduce computational time from half a month to a few moments implies that vehicle-to-vehicle communication is safeguarded in real time, time and again.

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