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Trash pickup takes a quantum spin in Myanmar’s biggest city

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+  What is the fastest way to figure out the best routes for garbage trucks to take while collecting trash on the bustling streets of Myanmar’s largest city? Two Japanese partner companies say quantum computing, and they plan to put it to the test.

Myanmar’s economic growth has accompanied a surge in the urban population. Yangon’s waste collection increased about 70% over the five years from 2011, according to Nippon Koei. Improving collection efficiency has become a hot topic for policymakers.

+  Quantum computing will map out the best routes for sanitation trucks in Yangon via a joint venture announced Tuesday by Nippon Koei, Japan’s largest construction consultancy, and big-data startup Groovenauts.

+  Groovenauts and Mitsubishi Estate ran a simulation in 2019 to optimize trash collection at 26 office buildings in Tokyo’s Marunouchi area. Driving distance and truck fleet size were slashed by more than half.

+  Groovenauts brings to the table a quantum cloud computing offering called Magellan Blocks. The solutions it generates are expected to reduce garbage trucks in circulation as they visit collection points on the shortest itineraries.

Source:  NIKKEI Asia.  Yuichi Nitta,  Trash pickup takes a quantum spin in Myanmar’s biggest city…

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