NWA funding for taking quantum technology to the public

+  The Quantum Inspire consortium has received a 4.5 million euro grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO) to bring quantum technology closer to potential users. “We hope that different people from all parts of society will interact with Quantum Inspire, so that we can work together to figure out the full range of possibilities offered to our society by quantum computing – including which societal challenges it will be able to solve,” said Lieven Vandersypen, coordinator of the grant application and research director of Qutech.

Quantum Inspire’s capital infusion is funded by the Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA) program “Research along routes by consortia” (NWA-ORC). In total, NWO distributed 93 million euros over 21 interdisciplinary research projects.

+  Quantum technology is expected to find applications in many different fields, such as energy, food supply, security and health care.

+  This why Quantum Inspire was started: people can run their own quantum algorithms on Quantum Inspire’s simulators or hardware backends and experience the possibilities of quantum computing.

Source:  Bits & Chips.  Paul van Gerven,  NWA funding for taking quantum technology to the public…

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