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6 experts share quantum computing predictions for 2021

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+  [M]ultiple experts said 2021 will see more companies look for specific use cases that can be leveraged sometime in the next decade, as quantum computers improve and the number of qubits available continues to grow.

More companies will look for specific use cases that can be leveraged sometime in the next decade, as computers improve and the number of qubits available continues to grow.

+  Tony Uttley, president of Honeywell Quantum Solutions | “Next year is going to be when we start seeing what algorithms are going to show the most promise in this near term era. We have enough qubits, we have really high fidelities, and some capabilities to allow brilliant people to have a set of tools that they just haven’t had access to,” Uttley said.

+  Bob Sutor, vice president of IBM Quantum Strategy and Ecosystem “ | Many industries are currently working with quantum computing, including banking, capital markets, insurance, automotive, aerospace, and energy. In years to come, the breadth and depth of the industries leveraging quantum will continue to grow. For example, I believe more industries that depend on advances in materials science will start to investigate quantum computing. To that point, I think that there will be greater interest within the agriculture industry because of applications of quantum computing to the chemistry of producing fertilizer.”

+  Chirag Dekate, research vice president at Gartner | “Over the next year, we anticipate that organizations engaging in these initiatives will roughly double. In the recently concluded Gartner CIO agenda surveys, Quantum computing was not a high priority investment area for CIOs. Data around client engagements indicate a vast divide; a small number of early pioneers are investing aggressively in their quantum strategies while the vast majority aren’t.”

+  Roger Grimes, data-driven defense evangelist at KnowBe4 | “I predict that someone will publicly announce that they have used a quantum computer to break a traditional asymmetric key cipher. It’s been the Holy Grail since 1994 and I predict it happens next year.”

+  Lewie Roberts, analyst at Lux Research | “The challenge is to increase the qubit count on a processor while maintaining their high quality; a processor with a bunch of low-quality qubits is not useful. I think that like 2020, 2021 will largely be about advancing these goals. Not every industry will see benefits from quantum computing at the same time, so engaging in research projects can help teams to estimate a range of years where that might be possible for their specific needs.”

+  Brian Hopkins, analyst at Forrester | “In 2021, we’ll get a better sense of when we would achieve quantum advantage in various potential use cases. I don’t think we will reach quantum advantage in 2021, and that means in 2021, we’ll go through a bit of a trough of disillusionment. I’ve been tracking quantum computers now for a decade, and there are lots of big announcements, progress, and then it slows down.”

Source:  TechRepublic.  Jonathan Greig,  6 experts share quantum computing predictions for 2021…

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