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Take it at your own risk, this piece discusses stock investments in quantum computing companies. Of course, none of them are startups and all of them are megacorps. Makes for food for thought as the world pre-maturely moves toward quantum computing commercialization. But, anyhow, we digress.  Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit.

4 Quantum Computing Stocks Fueling World-Disrupting Technology

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+  The quantum computing market is forecast to reach $2.2 billion by 2026, according to IQT Research. The number of installed quantum computers around the world is projected to reach 180 in 2026, with about 45 machines produced in that year alone. That’s a quantum leap forward from today. Quantum computers are now moving from academic theory to big business applications.

+  These supercomputers can solve complex problems that are beyond the capabilities of standard computers. And the technology is now at a point where it can be used for everything from commercial space flight to banking and finance. As we become more fully immersed in the world of Big Data, the amount of information that needs to be analyzed and stored is going to grow exponentially, and quantum computers will be the ones to process it all.

+  International Business Machines, better known as IBM, has long been at the forefront of quantum computing. One of the oldest computer companies in the world, Big Blue currently runs IBM Quantum, a division of the company that is designed to equip clients with practical quantum skills, and provide them with access to world-class expertise and technology to advance the field of quantum computing.

+  What to say about Chinese technology behemoth Alibaba? There aren’t too many areas of cutting edge technology that Alibaba isn’t deeply involved in. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence, Alibaba is a global leader in all of it. So it should come as no surprise to learn that Alibaba is also immersed in quantum computing and finding ways to push the technology into the realm of commercial applications.

+  AT&T is another blue chip American company that is at the forefront of quantum computing.  The AT&T Foundry innovation center in Palo Alto, California has joined forces with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to create the Alliance for Quantum Technologies (AQT). The Alliance is focused on bringing industry, government, and academia together to speed quantum technology development and create practical applications for it.

+  Baidu is a lesser-known Chinese technology company, but the multinational technology company that specializes in artificial intelligence is a significant player in quantum computing.

Beijing-based Baidu has its own institute for quantum computing dedicated to the application of quantum computing software and information technology. The “Baidu Quantum Computing Institute” is headed by Professor Duan Runyao, a world-renowned quantum computing expert. Duan has said that his plan is to make Baidu’s institute into a world-class institution and integrate quantum computing into the company’s various businesses, especially artificial intelligence.

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