Quantum computing challenges and opportunities

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+  “Quantum will change the landscape with respects to computer security, leaving many of the traditional algorithms used for encryption and digital signatures nearly useless,” said Chris Hickman, chief security officer at digital identity security vendor Keyfactor. “IT leaders need to [build] a strategy to protect their businesses and have a practical plan to mitigate the inevitable arrival of quantum.”

While quantum computing is still under development, IT leaders should know how they can use it today to stay on the competitive edge and prepare for the future of quantum.

+  Quantum computing may still be in its infancy with many unsolved problems, but it is a field that will revolutionize industries like finance, pharmaceuticals, automotive and AI in the next several years. Organizations have to keep up to ensure they gain the competitive edge. + “IT leaders should pay attention to quantum computing now,” said Nir Minerbi, CEO of Classiq, the first Israeli startup in the field of quantum computing software. “Competitors are already there, gaining quantum algorithms and IP that will bring a huge competitive advantage in the next few years.”

+  “Unlike classical computers, quantum computers only provide a probable answer,” said Vaclav Vincalek, an entrepreneur who helps companies implement leading-edge technologies.

+  They aren’t built to give definitive answers — instead, the answer they provide is the most probable, which could require verification from a classical computer. For example, a quantum computer might figure the most probable answer for breaking an encryption algorithm but will need the classical computer to test the answer to determine whether it actually breaks.

+  As such, even coding for quantum technology is a new challenge. Before there was an actual quantum operating system, there was no easy way to port or reuse the code between different platforms.

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