China’s Quantum Hype Takes Hype to a New Level: Quantum Chips in Bras, Leggings, Wine…

Love it. If the two bra cups are not entangled, “they’re not a quantum product.” Nuts. But marketing is putting nuttiness out there. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit.

Why China’s online stores are filled with quantum products

In brief…

+  Chinese ecommerce stores are currently awash with all kinds of goods claiming to bestow the benefits of quantum tech in products that have little to do with tech. You can buy quantum-infused socks, underwear that emits quantum goodness to your nether region, or some quantum alcoholic beverages.

As you might imagine, experts say it’s mostly hogwash.

+  These various products online appear to be peddling fake quantum technology, or experimental tech based on the principles of quantum mechanics like quantum computing. And the keyword here is experimental. Despite Google’s claim last year of reaching quantum supremacy – the point at which a quantum computer can solve problems a traditional computer can’t – scientists are still struggling to create quantum computers that can be used in real-life applications.

+  “How can something that hasn’t been achieved in the laboratory become widely popular on the market?” Jin Xianmin, a physics professor at Shanghai’s Jiaotong University, said to Xinhua in a report covering the new marketing phenomenon. For him, the reasoning was simple: if the quantum socks don’t rely on quantum superposition – the fundamental principle of quantum mechanics – they’re not a quantum product.

Source:  TECHINASIA.  Masha Borak,  Why China’s online stores are filled with quantum products…

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