Bleximo’s Quantum Hardware + Q-CTRL’s Quantum Firmware = Quantum Computing for Industrial Applications

Quantum Computing Startups Q-CTRL and Bleximo Enter Global Partnership

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Q-CTRL, a quantum computing startup with U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles, has entered into a global partnership to power superconducting ‘quantum accelerators’ from Bleximo, a full-stack quantum computing startup based in Berkeley, Calif. With the agreement, Q-CTRL will deliver software tools to the Bleximo team and serve as the preferred provider of ‘quantum firmware’ for quantum computing systems that Bleximo brings to market.

“Q-CTRL provides infrastructure software that fills an invaluable niche in the development of practical quantum computing technology,” said Alexei Marchenkov, founder and CEO of Bleximo. “Our combined solutions will help speed the development and usefulness of quantum computing for a variety of industrial applications.”

+  Bleximo’s quantum accelerators utilize superconducting qubits and tailored quantum processors architecture and control hardware to meet the needs of a particular high-value problem. They are being developed to aid conventional high-performance computing systems in solving complex computational challenges across a variety of industries, including finance, pharmaceuticals, logistics and more.

+  Q-CTRL’s quantum firmware provides a set of special low-level commands which make the quantum hardware more resilient against errors. The most advanced machines being developed today can only run operations for very short periods before errors creep in and programs fail, compromising the computational potential of quantum computers. Error is often noted as the Achilles heel of quantum computing hardware.

Source:  HPC Wire.  Q-CTRL,  Quantum Computing Startups Q-CTRL and Bleximo Enter Global Partnership…

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