Export Controls and Concern with Israeli Quantum Computing Efforts

Quantum Computing and the Supervision on Dual-Purpose Export

In brief…

+  In the fields of mathematics and computing, there are several issues that traditional computers are incapable of solving, however, a quantum computer would be able to solve such issues in a matter of seconds. Not because quantum computers are faster, but because quantum computers manage to turn the issue into a simpler problem since quantum computers compute differently than traditional computers.

Is it possible that Israel is about to transition from the Cyber Nation to the Quantum Nation? If so, companies exporting different quantum-computing-based tools and inventions should check if their products are exempt from inspection.

+  Quantum theory is applied in lasers, semi/superconductor chips, quantum computing, medical devices (such as MRI), communication devices, and more. A large amount of the technology we utilize today is based on quantum mechanics. There are those that believe that within 2-3 years, it will be possible to simulate chemicals in order to find pharmaceutical solutions. Until then, there are many other possible applications, such as quantum machine learning.

+  “Quantum Technology” is controlled by the Wassenaar Arrangement, which the State of Israel follows and has adopted into Israeli law several different categories of the arrangement, mainly category 5 which relates to encryption.

Source:  iHLS.  Amiram HaLevy,  Quantum Computing and the Supervision on Dual-Purpose Export…

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