Artificial Intelligence Will Not Define the Greatest Advancements in Technology, It’s Quantum Computing

This tech company is using AI to develop autonomous drilling platforms for oil & gas

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+  Insight Enterprises has provided a variety of innovative solutions for its clients in the North Texas region. The information technology and services company has developed autonomous drilling platforms for oil & gas companies by using artificial intelligence and its helped improved well pumps with IoT-edge solutions.  But…

What is something people aren’t thinking about that will change technology in the next few years?

+  Quantum computing, not AI will define the greatest advancements in technology. Quantum computing’s purpose is to aid and extend the abilities of classical computing. Quantum computers will perform certain tasks much more efficiently than classical computers, providing us with a new tool for specific applications. Quantum computers will not replace their classical counterparts.

+  Quantum computers will be useful in advancing solutions to challenges in diverse fields such as energy, finance, healthcare and aerospace, among others. Their capabilities will help us cure diseases, improve global financial markets, detangle traffic, combat climate change and more. For instance, quantum computing has the potential to speed up pharmaceutical discovery and development, and to improve the accuracy of the atmospheric models used to track and explain climate change and its adverse effects.

Source:  DALLAS BUSINESS JOURNAL.  David Lewerke,  This tech company is using AI to develop autonomous drilling platforms for oil & gas …

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