Quantum Computing Business is Still a Family Matter

Good capture of businesses and investment in quantum computing with basic 101 quantum computing throughout. Qubit.

The Quantum Revolution: Decrypting the family business potential of quantum computing

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  So far the technology is too new to be used by family businesses in a commercial context, and investment is in its infancy (see page 77). South Korea’s Samsung and Japan’s Nagase Group are the closest family-controlled businesses to this cutting edge technology. Samsung is one of the founding partners of IBM’s Q Network alongside Daimler and Accenture, while Nagase is a member.

Quantum computing could turn the technology world on its head. By harnessing properties beyond the grasp of traditional Newtonian physics, the potential is to transform the way that computers look at data and the speed at which they can process and analyse it.

+  Nevertheless the potential for quantum computing to make a real difference within a range of industries, including financial services, is tangible. Potential uses are building better models of financial markets to improve fraud and risk analytics, strengthening cryptography by inventing new numbers, and improving operational efficiencies in messy and complicated areas, such as clearing and reconciliation of trades.

+  Barclays and JPMorgan Chase, meanwhile, have both joined IBM’s Q Network for the same reason; to look at how quantum computing could speed up processing massive volumes of data. JPMorgan Chase is specifically looking to find out how quantum computing can be used when it comes to better trading strategies, improving client portfolios, and better-analysing financial risk. It has one quantum algorithm under development which looks specifically at speeding up derivative pricing. 

Source:  campdenFB.  Alison Ebbage,  The Quantum Revolution: Decrypting the family business potential of quantum computing…

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