Australia Foresees Putting Quantum Computing Out to Pasture

Often ignored by the mainstream media, agriculture and advanced technology are right up there with any other. This report from research conducted in Australia reminds us [at The Qubit Report] of the interplay of cutting edge disruptive tech and one of humanity’s foundational needs: Agriculture. Interesting read to “keep it real”. The full report, in PDF, may be found by clicking here.  Because quantum is coming. Qubit.

Tech driving rise of new agricultural industries

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  The report…compiles a list of 39 emerging technologies that will bring benefit to farmers over the next decade. Among them: wearable user interfaces, 5G, natural language interfaces, quantum computing, human-in-the-loop machine learning, computer vision, collaboration.

“Many of the technologies and new industries identified through the scans have obvious application, others may require a leap of faith to understand the potential impact they can have on individual farm businesses or agricultural industries,” said QUT researcher and lead author of the report, Dr Grant Hamilton.

+  [The] report resulting from three years’ research by Queensland University of Technology has identified a number of new agricultural industries that will be arriving as a result of emerging technologies. Among them the provision of automation-as-a-service for agricultural technology, automation consultancies, and services related to data-driven ‘decision agriculture’. A total of twenty four potential new agriculture industries were placed on the ‘watchlist’ in the report – Horizon Scanning: Opportunities for New Technologies and Industries – which was backed by Federal Government statutory authority AgriFutures Australia.

+  “In some cases, the role is to enhance the viability of existing industries, such as through improving productivity and efficiency. In others, technology assumes a transformational role, developing entirely new ways of doing things and facilitating new products to address both growing and emerging markets,” he added.

Source:  CIO.  Gregg Nott,  Tech driving rise of new agricultural industrie…

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