Ireland: We Need to Get Onboard or Watch the 4th IR Pass By

What Ireland could develop is a strategy which forms an ecosystem.  Reference the Greg Satell piece, Medium Technology.  Greg Satell,  How To Build An Ecosystem Strategy…  IBM is building an ecosystem now. Worth the consideration to study how IBM is structuring itself. It could be modeled at a national level.  Qubit.

Ireland risks missing next wave of quantum technologies, experts warn

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Leading scientists working in quantum technology research here and abroad have pointed to a risk that Ireland could miss out on the next wave of quantum tech without a clearly defined strategy to develop it.

Prof Davis said: “Most quantum discoveries haven’t been made. We’ve already got US tech giants and other advanced tech firms here. Ireland could punch above its weight on the scientific side. It’s about people, resources and a strategic decision being made. It’s no longer a question of making a modest bet.”

+  Prof Mark Ferguson, head of Science Foundation Ireland, said: “We intend to strengthen our support of quantum technologies through further recruitment, specific research challenges, and by supporting Irish researchers to lead major research projects, for which the EU has a €5bn fund.”

+  Dubliner Dr Joe Fitzsimons, founder of a quantum tech startup in Singapore, said: “Ireland is behind somewhat because the community of quantum researchers there is small.”

Source:  Business Technology.  John Reynolds,  Ireland risks missing next wave of quantum technologies, experts warn…

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