Update to the 7 “Best” Quantum Computing Stocks

Seeing past the investment potential of these companies, this recap has some insight as to what the largest companies are doing toward quantum computing. Nokia is a bit under-the-radar and has an interesting mention in the piece. Worth a couple of minutes to get a flavor for where the markets may take quantum computing. And then there are the small companies; one being Archer Exploration Intel was once the size of Archer Exploration. Because quantum is coming. Qubit.

7 Best Quantum Computing Stocks Trading Today

In brief…

+  Nokia (NOK) Most people think of Nokia (NYSE:NOK) as the former cellphone king swept aside by the smartphone. However, the company has since redefined itself, purchasing Alcatel-Lucent and reinventing itself as a telecom equipment provider in the 5G space. While 5G can bring it into the future, it will likely need quantum computing to continue its growth. It now owns Nokia Bell Labs, and this division recently discovered several materials that can act as superconductors. With the traditional silicon chips unable to perform quantum functions, these discoveries have become critical.

[Editor’s note: “7 Best Quantum Computing Stocks Trading Today” was previously published in March 2019. It has since been updated to include the most relevant information available.]

+  Intel (INTC) Intel combines silicon with existing technologies to produce the world’s smallest quantum chips. Taking these so-called “spin qubit” chips to market will require further research as right now they can only operate at absolute zero. Still, Intel continues working to advance the power of its processors even as the limits of silicon slows down the rate of increase.

+  Microsoft (MSFT) One of the latest innovations in quantum computing is the Q# programming language. Microsoft’s most recent push involves offering free intro courses in Q#. The hardware technology to make full use of this language has not yet been developed. However, such a language could place the company in a prominent position once the hardware catches up.

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