Fujitsu Lands in Canada

Why did this Japanese tech titan choose B.C.?

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Quantum computers—devices powered by quantum physics—may be years from being ready for widespread practical use, but Fujitsu’s digital annealer is designed to run quantum-inspired algorithms using semiconductor technology available today. Fujitsu and 1QBit began solving customers’ supercomputer-stumping problems well before FIT formally opened last fall.

“Our goal is being able to develop software for the next generation of hardware,” 1QBit co-founder and CEO Andrew Fursman explains. “We take a particular interest in quantum computing and the devices that have come under this title of quantum-inspired optimization.”

+  Traditionally, Fujitsu develops its products and services in Japan, then distributes them to customers around the world. But solutions tailored for Japan’s business dynamics and culture don’t always translate well to other markets. So Fujitsu is moving to originate its technologies where its global customers are. That transition starts with FIT in Vancouver.

+  Canadian consumers might know Fujitsu for its laptops or the point-of-sale machines it provides to retailers like Lululemon Athletica. But FIT is pursuing enterprise customers with two potentially transformative technologies: AI, and a novel class of processors called digital annealers. The latter can achieve quantum-like computational abilities to solve problems too complex for the brawniest classical computers.

Source:  BCBUSINESS.  Dee Hon,  Why did this Japanese tech titan choose B.C.?

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