IBM’s Quantum Computing Outreach is for Its Survival

How to Build an Ecosystem Strategy…

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  By 1980, IBM had hit an inflection point.  It had already missed out on the minicomputer revolution. Now, with new, even smaller “microcomputers” evolving into a growing market, it was about to miss out again. So it set up a “skunk works” in Boca Raton, FL and, in less than a year, launched the IBM PC.

+  Today, at the end of the digital revolution, IBM is at a similar juncture. Yet its approach is the polar opposite than it took four decades ago. Rather than operating in secret, it is building a collaborative network to develop quantum computing. The reason: the technology is simply too complex for anyone to go it alone.

+  For quantum computing, IBM has taken the more ambitious step of creating its own Q Network to collaborate with a wide array of partners. Other companies create accelerators and VC funds to help them to connect with emerging startups. Google’s academic program helps it connect to the world’s best minds and gives it a leg up on recruiting up and coming talent.

Source:  Digital Tonto.  Greg Satell, How to Build an Ecosystem Strategy…

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