Current Computing Technology Insufficient Say Business Leaders

Just the Facts:

    •  Business leaders want quantum technology now in order to realize business benefits and accelerate digital transformation through process optimization

    •  Almost 90% of business leaders surveyed worldwide believe the insufficient power of today’s computing technology is holding their business back from revolutionizing business processes

   •  Impatience for optimizing critical business, logistical and industrial processes is emphasized by 66% of interviewees who want solutions today, rather than experimental quantum technology in the far future

    •  Growing recognition for the quantum-inspired Fujitsu Digital Annealer in bridging the gap to true quantum computing. 70% organizations believe it could accelerate their journey to a quantum-computing future by enabling combinatorial optimization of business processes today

Source: FUJITSU.  Fujitsu America, Inc. Businesses Can’t Wait Any Longer for Quantum Computing, Fujitsu Study Confirms…

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