Baidu Announces Paddle Quantum, Claims Paddle Quantum and PaddlePaddle ‘Decomplicates’ QAOA by 50%

Introducing Paddle Quantum: How Baidu’s Deep Learning Platform PaddlePaddle Empowers Quantum Computing

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+  The idea of synergizing quantum mechanics with computation theory – two of the most fundamental scientific breakthroughs throughout human history that barely intersect at any point of their long history – has eventually led to the birth of quantum computing. Thanks to the applications of striking quantum-mechanical features such as superposition, entanglement and interferences in information processing tasks, quantum computing promises great potential for supercharging artificial intelligence (AI) applications compared to binary-based classical computers. Meanwhile, advanced technologies such as deep learning algorithms are playing an increasingly critical role in the development of quantum research.

“From now on, researchers in the quantum field can use the Paddle Quantum to develop quantum artificial intelligence, and our deep learning enthusiasts have a shortcut to learning quantum computing,” said Runyao Duan, Director of Baidu Quantum Computing Institute, at the Baidu Deep Learning Developer Conference Wave Summit 2020.

+  Paddle Quantum is developed based on Baidu’s deep learning platform PaddlePaddle, which has become the first and unique deep learning platform in China that supports quantum machine learning.

+  Paddle Quantum provides a new implementation of the QAOA algorithm. With Paddle Quantum, we can translate this problem into a quantum neural network to train an optimal model. Then we can either find the solution by a classical simulation of the model, or run the model directly on a quantum computer. We are reducing the number of layers in a quantum computing network by 50%, making our approach more flexible in deployment compared to others in the industry. 

Source:  Baidu Research.  Baidu Research,  Introducing Paddle Quantum: How Baidu’s Deep Learning Platform PaddlePaddle Empowers Quantum Computing…

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