Microsoft: “Azure Quantum is now officially in preview with select customers and partners”

…and what better way to let The Qubit Report community know than to have it brought straight to you from the Microsoft Quantum Blog.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit

Do you want to become a quantum developer and help solve the unsolvable?

+  Over the last year, we’ve been working with you, the pioneering community of quantum developers, to understand what all developers will need on the path to scalable quantum computing. You’ve told us that you want to learn more about where quantum could impact your business today, to have easier ways to start writing quantum code, and to run applications against a range of quantum and classical hardware

+  So at Microsoft Build, we’re introducing new experiences for Azure Quantum that help you on your journey to becoming a quantum developer.

The question we hear most often from developers is how do you make sense of what’s real and get started?

+  To help you get ready to solve these challenging problems with Azure Quantum, we’re introducing two new modules on the free online training platform Microsoft Learn and inviting you to join us for a virtual developer workshop later this year.

Brush up on quantum-inspired optimization. Learn more about the optimization problems facing every industry and how solutions in Azure Quantum can help you unlock impact today.

+ Write quantum code with Q# and the Quantum Development Kit. Learn how to write your first quantum program without having to worry about the underlying physics or hardware. Get started with the tools you’re already familiar with like Visual Studio, VS Code, and Python.

+ Register for the Azure Quantum Developer Workshop. Join our team on July 16 for a virtual developer workshop where we’ll dive deeper into building applications on Azure Quantum.

Source:  Microsoft Quantum.  Microsoft Quantum Team,  Do you want to become a quantum developer and help solve the unsolvable?

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