Quantum Teleportation for Secure Quantum Communications Between Many Senders ~ Receivers

Quantum secrets can be teleported and shared between multiple senders and receivers

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  A novel “decentralized” protocol makes it possible to share secret information among multiple senders and receivers using quantum teleportation. According to the South Korea-based team of researchers who developed it, the new method is the first of its kind, and might be used to make the first networked quantum computers.

The scheme facilitates quantum information relay over a network without requiring fully trusted central – or even intermediate – nodes, and the researchers say it could be further extended to include error corrections against photon losses or even quantum bit- or phase-flip errors. Such “decoherence” phenomena must be accounted for if quantum computation is to succeed. The work could thus eventually become a building block for a distributed network of quantum computers.

+  Quantum teleportation – a way of instantly transferring a quantum state between distant parties without actually sending a particle in that state through space – is a fundamental building block of quantum computation and communication and works thanks to quantum entanglement. This “spooky action at a distance”, as Albert Einstein called it, allows two or more interacting particles to remain linked in a manner not possible in classical physics – no matter how far apart they are.

+  Conventional quantum teleportation begins when the sender and the receiver share a pair of entangled particles (for example, photons). The sender then interacts her half of the entangled pair with a third particle in an unknown state. Next, she measures the outcome of this interaction and then communicates the result to the receiver via a classical channel. Armed with this information and a measurement on his half of the entangled pair, the receiver is thus able to recover the state of the unknown state that has been teleported.

Source:  physicsworld.  Belle Dume,  Quantum secrets can be teleported and shared between multiple senders and receivers…

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