Toshiba Algorithm Revolutionizes Optimization Processes With Scalability and Low Cost

Toshiba Promises Quantum-Like Advantage on Standard Hardware

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+  Toshiba has invented an algorithm that it says delivers a 10-fold improvement for a select class of computational problems, without the need for exotic hardware. In fact, the company’s simulated bifurcation algorithm is said to offer advantages akin to a quantum computing system, while running on standard digital servers.

“These are problems that have resisted solution for a long time, and that are very difficult to solve using conventional techniques,” said Toshiba. “Potentially even more important, the algorithm also realizes excellent scalability at a low cost using current computers, which could revolutionize current optimization processes.”

+  First announced by Toshiba earlier this year, Bloomberg brought the story to the front page this week. The claimed breakthrough is being met with equal parts interest and skepticism from the financial services communities, where the technology offers serious potential.

+  Toshiba says it has developed a system capable of executing arbitrage opportunities for currencies in 30 microseconds. Fast enough to make profitable trades 90 percent of the time, Toshiba claimed. The company, working with financial services professionals, expects to complete a real-world trial by early 2021, according to Bloomberg.

Source:  HPC Wire.  Tiffany Trader,  Toshiba Promises Quantum-Like Advantage on Standard Hardware…

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