New Protocol Crosschecks Results from Multiple Quantum Computers

APS Tip Sheet: Improving quantum information processing

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Scientists use basic units of quantum information, called qubits, to share information across quantum devices. Qubits store information by simultaneously inhabiting two quantum-mechanical states.

+  Now, scientist Elben et al. have established a new protocol to crosscheck if two quantum computers are producing equal results.

+  The researchers tested their protocol on experimental data from a previous experiment involving highly entangled 10-qubit quantum states. They found the process required notably fewer measurements than needed in quantum tomography, in which simulators must reconstruct each entire quantum state.

+  The process will enable these devices to better measure and compare the closeness — or fidelity — of multiple quantum states across devices and time. The study could improve the way quantum information processing simulators and computers transmit information.

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Source:  EurekaAlert!  American Physical Society,  APS Tip Sheet: Improving quantum information processing …

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