QC Ware Finds Opportunity Among Quantum Computing Competitors

QC Ware launches Forge platform for easy access to quantum computing

Key points…

+  QC Ware appears to have spotted an opportunity in what is an increasingly crowded and fragmented quantum computing landscape. Multiple firms including Google LLC, IBM Corp., D-Wave Systems Inc. and Rigetti Computing have all made different commercial and open-source quantum simulators and hardware available for researchers to use. QC Ware reckons there might be a need for a middleman who can provide simple access to those services.

“The objective of Forge is to allow those users to access the full range of quantum computing resources through a single platform,” Johnson said. “To assist our customers in that exploration, we are spending all of our cycles working on ways to squeeze as much power as possible out of near-term quantum computers, and to bake those methods into Forge.”

+  The Forge platform is targeted at enterprises and academics and provides them with an easy way to access a variety of quantum hardware platforms and simulators to run their algorithms on. QC Ware says it makes these services dead easy to use – so much so that users don’t even need to have any previous experience with quantum computing to get started. It’s safe to assume that some knowledge would still be helpful, though.

+  With Forge, developers will be able to run algorithms for tasks such as binary optimization, chemistry simulation and machine learning, among others.

Source:  siliconANGLE.  Mike Wheatley,  QC Ware launches Forge platform for easy access to quantum computing …

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