IBM Partners with Europe to Move Quantum Information Science

IBM has been enjoying a rapid expansion of its IBM Q Network of institutions involved with quantum information science.  Having added numerous schools and organizations in the U.S., going overseas appears to be the company’s trend.  Recently, Africa made the news with new joins and now IBM makes the announcement for their European extension of the IBM Q Network.  The link below has a summary of European institutions taking up the IBM Q Network.  Qubit.

European Institutions, IBM Partner to Accelerate Joint Research and Education in Quantum Computing

Excerpts and salient points from their release ~

+  The IBM Q Network is a global community of forward-thinking companies, academic institutions, startups and research labs working with IBM to advance quantum computing and foster a growing ecosystem. As IBM Q Network partners, Aalto University, University of Turku, EPFL, University of the Basque Country and The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory will have direct access to IBM Q Network resources and access to the IBM Q Experience’s publicly available quantum computing systems for teaching, as well as faculty and student research projects that advance quantum information science and explore early applications.

“Developing quantum computing skills and expertise throughout the world is what will lead to the discovery of applications that drive breakthroughs in business and science,” said Walter Riess, IBM Q Europe lead, IBM Research. “The collaboration in plan with these academic and research leaders in Europe is vital to how we will grow a ‘quantum ready’ ecosystem of scientists, professors, developers, and students.”

University of Turku (Finland): The university plans to investigate quantum computation and simulation research, as well as use the IBM Q Experience for outreach and specialized education focused on quantum algorithms, quantum and classical programming, and fundamental quantum physics.

Saarland University (Germany): The university plans to work with IBM Q to train its quantum engineering students. Saarland also intends to collaborate with IBM in research in the field of quantum control theory and practice – the firmware for quantum computers.

Source:  HPC wire.  IBM,  European Institutions, IBM Partner to Accelerate Joint Research and Education in Quantum Computing…

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