Ireland and Intel to Study Natural Language Processing Between Man and Machine Using Quantum Computing: Report.  
Funding in the amount of nearly $170,000 has been received by the Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC).  The funding, in part from the Intel corporation, is ear-marked for a new collaborative quantum computing project. 

“The project aims to produce results on Intel’s software quantum simulator for a problem in natural language processing, in what is claimed to be a first of its kind effort in Ireland, and potentially worldwide.”

The high-performance computing centre stated the development of quantum software will be accomplished on a number of quantum computing platforms, hardware devices and software simulators.  The centre’s expertise in these and similar areas are being sought for such development. 

“With the immediate availability of software quantum simulators and small-scale quantum hardware testbeds, it is essential that we develop the software ecosystem and programming expertise to target quantum platforms,” said Dr Venkatesh Kannan, Novel Technologies Activity lead, ICHEC.  “It is crucial to do this simultaneously with ongoing efforts to develop larger-scale, reliable and commercially deployable quantum computers in five to 10 years.”

Combining the Intel quantum software simulator, qHiPSTER, and the ICHEC’s Kay supercomputer, the two super-systems will be used to research exchanges between humans and computers, also called Natural Language Processing, or NLP.

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