Interesting Thought:  Could Entangled Qubits Reveal a Black Hole’s Information? 
Researchers at the Joint Quantum Institute in Maryland have implemented an experimental test for quantum scrambling.  Quantum scrambling is a “chaotic shuffling of the information stored among a collection of quantum particles.”  Recently, the JQI reported on  experiments demonstrating a new method to discern scrambling from “true information.”   Experiments conducted on seven qubits [a mini quantum conmputer] confirmed the capability.  

JQI envisions this protocol could verify the calculations of quantum computers.  Further study and research will shape the protocol further.

The link to the Black Hole?  It’s all in the picture and the caption.

“Artist conception of information falling into a black hole… The experiment was originally inspired by the physics of black holes. Quantum scrambling is one suggestion for how information can fall into a black hole and come out as random-looking radiation.  Perhaps, the argument goes, it’s not random at all, and black holes are just excellent scramblers.”  (Image Credit E. Edwards/JQI)

Reference is found at JQI…