Atos Delivering Quantum Learning Machine.  
The Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre, one of the UK’s leading high-performance computing research facilities, will receive the first UK delivery of an Atos Quantum Learning Machine. 
Arguably, the Atos QLM is the highest performing quantum simulator in the world, permitting upwards of 38 qubits in simulation. 

The intent is to provide researchers and industry a quantum-based platform to prepare for the advent of quantum computing.  In part, the initiative comprises the QLM as a service to garner algorithm development for “the first UK repository for quantum algorithms, collaborative research projects on quantum computing applications and specialist training.”

Atos’ “Quantum Learning Machine as a service [QLaaS] will be made available to any organisation wanting to learn about, and experiment, with quantum computing…”

Full release is found at Atos…