Quantum Computers Needed. 
Underlying knowledge of atomic structure is fundamental to new discoveries in chemistry, physics, and certainly, quantum computing. 
Understanding atomic structure has been aided by supercomputers, or high-performance computing. 

A great challenge to studying atomic structure is how long researchers can simulate material interactions.  Scientists must be able to simulate “minutes or even hours” to see how atomic interactions propagate. 

Researchers must make extremely minute increments in their simulations to accurately model these ultra-fast atomic interactions. 

There are limits to high-performance computing which are creating a bottleneck requiring even faster, more paralleled processing to observe such interatctions. 

Algorithm and software programming for quantum computers could enable simulations capable of observing material phenomena happening over longer periods of time.  “[Q]uantum computers may be perfect for simulating quantum phenomena”  thus alleviating the high-poerformance computer limitations.

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