Hardware-agnostic Quantum Computer Software
.  Xanadu corporation has developed hardware-agnostic quantum computer software dedicated to machine learning.  Currently available systems utilizing qubits and photonic methods to enable quantum computation have built-in support with the package, dubbed PennyLane. 

PennyLane’s Key Points and Features:

  • Scalability inherent in its design
  • Implements the Backpropagation algorithm; key for training deep learning models
  • Plugin system design
  • Hardware-agnostic
  • Hybrid quantum-computation routines

The plugin developer system in PennyLane permits integration to major corporation quantum computing services; the IBM Quantum Experience, for example.  Xanadu’s “Strawberry Fields software stack, released earlier this year…enabled the rapid prototyping and optimization of quantum circuits using existing machine learning tools.” Building on Strawberry Fields experiences, Xanadu released PennyLane.

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