3 Ways to Stymie Quantum’s Threat to Data Security. 
QuintessenceLabs (QLabs), a company spun-out from the Australian National University in 2008, has three pieces of advice from industry to stymie the coming quantum computer threat to data.  Simply:

#1 Take PKI encryption algorithms and replace them with more complex, quantum-resistant algorithms.

#2 Use true quantum random number generators (QRNG) to generate keys not susceptible to statistical reverse engineering (drop any use of asymmetric keys and enable high-entropy symmetric keys for your encryption).

#3 Use “quantum key distribution, where instead of using mathematics to protect the transport of the key, use quantum physics.”

Albeit simplistic, the above 3 recommendations, if properly implemented, should keep data secure in the event quantum computers start to function as envisioned. 

This report is found at ZDNet…